We regret to inform you that Shannon Steele has amicably left The Ocean Floor. It’s a sad thing but a growing thing and when things grow things are good. Our friendship will grow and I know Shannon will grow. Because of this, The Ocean Floor is on to a different thing now. A thing I don’t understand at all yet. I can’t imagine doing what we’ve been doing this past year (or the 4 years before that) without Shannon, so our 5 piece band is now a one piece band. If you didn’t see us perform “Falling Star Castle” I must admit you likely won’t. We do have about 15 unreleased songs from the past few years that should see release in the next year or so and I’ve already made a new The Ocean Floor song. I have no idea what to do with it. And I’m really not imagining anything live for a while, if ever. Know that there will be more. I can’t stop creating and recording. Please also know that I am truly humbled and amazed Shannon gave so much of the past 5 years of her life to songs that mean the world to me. The Ocean Floor Loves Shannon. Thank you also to William, Holland, and Patrick for achieving my dream of playing Falling Star Castle live! It was a challenge you met with love and diligence. Thank you also to Taryn, Yianni, Mat, Daphne, Chris, Alexi, Andrew, Kurtis, Jen, and Brianna for making our most complete vision ever to be complete. I really feel proud of what we all did.